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Fall pumpkin puzzle craft idea for kids (with free template)

Some of the best things I like about fall are pumpkins, apples, and all the shades of orange and yellow that Nature paints around you.

Like any other season, fall or autumn comes with its own unique attractions like fallen leaves, pumpkins, acorn, apples, etc.

And therefore, we can draw many ideas from these to create craft ideas for kids. Today, we are here with a pumpkin puzzle fall craft.

Fall pumpkin craft

This craft gives kids the opportunity to create a puzzle, solve it and then also do finger painting. It’s going to be fun!

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So let’s get started!

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Materials Required:

  • Color sheet or A4 paper to stick the puzzle on
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Template #3 – Fall pumpkin puzzle craft (available in our free resource library – get the password by signing up using the form in step 1)

Step 1: Download and print the printable

Pumpkin puzzle autumn craft for kids

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Free printable template for pumpkin puzzle fall craft

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Download the free template

to do the Fall Pumpkin Puzzle craft

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Step 2: Making puzzle pieces and assembling them

Pumpkin puzzle autumn craft for kids

2. After taking the printout, cut along the grid lines on the picture.

3. Jumble the pieces.

Pumpkin puzzle autumn craft for kids

4-7. Place the jumbled pieces of paper on another sheet of paper and let kids solve the puzzle.

Pumpkin puzzle autumn craft for kids

8-11. After they correctly put the pieces together, make them stick each piece of paper to the sheet below neatly as shown in the picture.

Pumpkin puzzle fall craft for kids
Pumpkin puzzle fall craft for kids
Pumpkin puzzle fall craft for kids with free template

12-17. Now we move onto doing finger painting the pumpkin.

Pumpkin puzzle fall craft for kids with free template

Thus the pumpkin puzzle craft is ready!

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