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Candy corn garland craft idea for kids (with free template)

Easy Candy Corn Halloween craft idea

Out of many things that remind us of the fall season and Halloween, candy corns are one.

The colors used to make candy corns are fall colors. And those vibrant colors call for ideas to make a variety of candy corn crafts.

Here we have come up with a candy corn craft idea for kids. It’s a candy corn garland, but with a twist. We will stick some emojis to each of the candy corns to make them look lively and to add a fun element.

The emojis we present in this project are – surprise, grimace, laughter, love, smile, and wink. It will give kids a chance to learn and identify different emotions and familiarise them with faces showing different emotions.

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So let’s get started.

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Materials Required:

Step 1: Download and print the candy corn craft template

Easy candy corn craft for kids
Easy candy corn craft for kids

Download and print the candy corn craft templates. You can download them from the library by signing up using the form available in the next section.

Here we have two template sheets. One is the candy corn template and the other is the emojis template.

Free printable templates for candy corn garland craft

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Download the free template

to do the Candy Corn Garland craft

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Step 2: Coloring the candy corns

Step-by-step easy candy corn craft for kids

Now, take the candy corn sheet and color the candy corns, and cut each one out. There are six candy corns in total.

Step 3: Cut the emojis out and stick them on the candy corns

Step-by-step easy candy corn craft for kids

Take the emojis template and cut each emoji out. Remember to cut each eye and mouth out separately. You can help kids with this if it’s difficult for them.

Step-by-step easy candy corn craft for kids

Stick each emoji on the candy corn cutouts.

Step 4: Making the garland

Step-by-step easy candy corn craft for kids

Punch a hole on top of each candy corn so that we can thread a cotton twine and make the garland.

Step-by-step easy candy corn halloween craft for kids

Thread all the candy corn emojis onto the twine and it is ready for hanging.

We hope your kids have fun doing this craft. Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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