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Fall paper plate hedgehog craft for kids (with free printable template)

How to make an easy hedgehog using a free printable template

Fall is a great time for kids to learn about the woodland animals that come out of their natural habitats to prepare for the upcoming hibernation in winter.

Hedgehog is one such woodland animal that comes out in the fall to eat as much food as it can to prepare for the harsher and colder weather.

Today, we are here with a hedgehog fall craft that we can use to teach kids about this cute woodland animal.

So let’s get started.

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Materials required:

Step 1: Print the hedgehog craft template

Paper plate hedgehog craft for kids

Download and print the hedgehog template. You can download them from the library by signing up using the form available in the next section.

Free printable template for Fall Hedgehog craft

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Download the free template

to make the Paper Plate Hedgehog

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Step 2: Do coloring

Paper plate hedgehog craft for kids with free printable template

Give appropriate color to the template as shown in the picture and cut the pieces out.

Paper plate hedgehog craft for kids with free printable template

Now, take a paper plate. Using a compass, draw a circle covering the center portion of the paper plate. Cut the circular portion out.

And cut the circle in half. We get two semi-circle pieces. Take one of them.

Paper plate hedgehog craft for kids with free printable template

Paint one of the semicircular pieces using hedgehog color. We chose a dark red color.

Step 3: Sticking the pieces together to make hedgehog

Paper plate hedgehog craft for kids with free printable template

Take all the pieces you cut from the hedgehog template and stick them onto the hedgehog paper plate base as shown in the above pic.

How to make a hedgehog easy

Stick the spines one by one onto the hedgehog base neatly by placing one on top of the other without leaving much space in between. And finally, stick a googly eye on the hedgehog’s face.

How to make a hedgehog easy

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