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How to make a simple paper fish step-by-step

This Origami fish is an easy paper craft your kids can learn to make. Not only for kids, it’s ideal for beginners to Origami.

After making the paper fish, let them draw the eyes and the scales. If you have google eyes, you can use it too.

Materials required:

  • Origami paper / Color paper (Any square size. Here we used a paper of size 10cm)

a. Cut a square paper of size 10cm.

b. Fold the paper diagonally from right bottom to top left so that the two corners meet.

c. Press well and make a crease.

d. Now fold the bottom left corner to meet the top right corner as shown in pic d.

e. Press it well and make a crease.

f. Unfold.

g&h. Now, fold the paper horizontally from bottom to top and make a crease.

i. Now, fold again from right to left (or left to right) as shown in the pic.

j. Unfold.

k&l. Now, fold the bottom edge towards the centre along the crease we just made as reference. Press it well and make a crease.

m. Like we did in the previous step, fold the top edge towards the center along the crease we made in the last step as the reference.

n. Hold the paper figure vertically as shown in the pic n.

o. Fold the top edge towards the center. You can see a horizontal crease in the center. You can take that as the reference here. Fold towards the crease.

p. Do the same with the bottom edge.

q&r. Unfold.

In the next steps, we are going to make a pinwheel shape which is going to be the body of the paper fish.

s. For that, first fold the top edge of the paper as shown in pic s. Since the paper is sqaure and we have made folds on all four edges, it doesn’t matter which side you fold from.

t. Starting from this step, carefully observe each picture and fold exactly as shown in each picture. Though it might look complicated, it’s easy if you follow each step exactly as it is.

After folding towards the center as seen in the first pic in pic t, with one finger slightly lift one end of the folded part.

And fold as shown in the above pic (u).

v. Now, start lifting the opposite end by slightly opening the opposite corner and fold towards the center exactly how we did in step u. When you fold towards the center like this, the corner automatically opens outwards forming a triangle-like shape.

w. Now, start lifting the third and fourth corners at the same time as shown in the picture.

x. After opening the third and fourth corners as shown in the pic, slightly push the edge towards the center (see the second pic in the collage).

Now, insert one finger inside the fourth corner’s pocket and turn it outwards. When you do this, have the third corner pressed down by one finger, so that it doesn’t open too.

Thus, you get a pinwheel shape here.

aa. Now we are going to fold the tail of the paper fish. Do you see the tip pointed by the right finger in the pic aa?

ab. Lift the tip up.

ac. Now, do you see the arrow in pic ac? Fold that corner it towards the centre of the figure.

ad. You get this figure after folding. Now fold the portion pointing up downwards (ie, towards you). You can see how it looks after folding in the figure below (ae).

ae. Now we repeat the same steps to fold the other tail of the paper fish. Look at the corner pointed by the arrow.

af. Fold it towards the center (see pics ag and ah). And now open the tip of the folded part to reveal the tail of paper fish.

ai. Position the paper as shown in the picture. Now fold the tip marked by the arrow downwards (see pic aj).

aj. In this step, we are going to fold the face of the paper fish. See the arrow in pic.

ak. Fold the right edge towards the center. Do not fold it perpendicularly, but slightly sideways.

am. Do the same on the left side. Fold the left edge downwards. Turn the figure over, draw the eyes and the scales and your paper fish is ready!

Video tutorial:

In case you have any doubt regarding any step, feel free to watch the step-by-step video tutorial below. Please make sure you also subscribe to our Youtube channel to get more craft ideas for kids every week. 

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