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Printable sunglasses craft for kids (with free template)

These paper sunglasses are so easy and fun to make.

Whether your kids want to make a funky pair of sunglasses for a costume party or a fun accessory for a sunny day, this tutorial will guide you through the process step by step.

You can add your own embellishments to the sunglasses by drawing different shapes on paper and sticking to the frame of the glasses or using stickers.

Here we used paper to make the glasses. But if you want a bit more sturdiness, you can print the template onto card stock paper.

So, let’s move onto the tutorial!

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Materials Required:

  • Template #24 – Sunglasses craft template (available in our free resource library – get the password by signing up using the form in step 1)
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • US Letter/A4 paper OR card stock paper
  • Glue

DIY Paper Sunglasses (step-by-step tutorial)

Step 1: Download the Free Printable Sunglasses Template

Download and print the sunglasses template. You can download them from the library by signing up using the form in the next section.

Free Printable Template for Sunglasses

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Download the free template

to make Paper Sunglasses

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Step 2: Color the Sunglasses

Let your kids give color to the sunglasses.

They can use their creativity and imagination and use the colors and create the patterns they like.

The next step is to give matching colors to the arms of the sunglasses – or “temples” of the sunglasses, to use the correct word.

Step 3: Cut all the parts out

Cut the temples and frames of the sunglasses out. You can help the kids with the cutting part if it’s hard for them.

Now, cut the lens part out (the white portion inside the frame).

Step 4: Assemble and fit the parts together

To assemble, we need to make the hinges.

Here, just fold the flat end of the arms as shown in the above picture.

And stick each of the arms to the respective glasses. You can trim the edge of the paper so that it stays within the border of the frame.

And that’s all. The paper sunglasses are ready to wear!

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