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How to make a paper boat (step-by-step instructions)

I think everyone has made a paper boat at least once in their lifetime. Making paper boat is easy as we don’t need many materials to make it.

This is an origami craft, so all you need is a sheet of paper.

And this is a craft that every parent passes onto their kids, right?

Here is the step-by-step way to make a boat out of paper.

Materials required

A4 sheet / Letter size paper/Any rectangular paper

Step-by-step tutorial to make an easy paper boat for kids

how to make a paper boat step-by-step

a. Take an A4 sheet paper. Hold it horizontally as shown in the picture.

b. Fold it from left to right.

c. Make a crease.

d. Now, fold the paper from bottom to top.

how to make a paper boat step-by-step

e. Fold it well and make a crease.

how to make a paper boat step-by-step

f. Unfold the fold we just made in step d.

g&h. Now, fold the right corner towards the centre and make a crease.

i. Similarly, fold the left corner towards the centre.

how to make a paper boat easy

j. Flatten the folded pieces down and now you have the figure as shown in pic j.

k&l. Now, from the bottom, fold one layer upwards along the bottom of the folds we made in j.

m. Make a crease and flatten it well.

how to make a paper boat easy

n. Turn the figure over.

o. Now, like we did in the previous step, fold the bottom layer upwards.

p. Flatten the fold and make a crease again.

how to make a paper boat easy

q&r. Open the bottom of the figure.

s. After opening as shown in pic r, flatten the top corner to the bottom as you can see in pic s.

You can see that the edges of the paper boat are overlapping on each other.

t. Insert one edge into the other (see pic t).

how to make a paper boat for kids

u. You get the figure in u.

v. Now, fold the layer from bottom to the top as shown in pic v.

w. Flatten the fold.

x. Flip the paper over and fold the other layer too. You will get the triangle shape in x.

y. Open the bottom of the figure again by pulling the flaps apart.

z. Flatten it out and you will get a diamond shape now.

aa. Open the figure by pulling the sides apart from the top to get the shape of the boat.

ab. Flatten it out an open again and your paper boat is ready.

how to build a paper boat

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    Video tutorial to make a paper boat

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