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Snowman with a felt hat

Winter is almost here.

Most kids love to play with snow and have tried making snowmen if they live in a place with snowfall.

Well, even if you don’t have access to real snow, the good news is you can still make a snowman if you have some felt and cotton balls at home.

Let’s see how.

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So, let’s start!

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Materials Required:

Step-by-step tutorial to make a snowman hat out of felt

snowman with felt hat craft idea

Mark a rectangle of size 8 x 11 cm on the felt cloth, and cut it out.

Roll it as shown in the last picture of the collage above.

snowman with felt hat craft idea

And using hot glue, stick the edge to the body of the roll.

Now, roll the bottom edge upwards neatly as shown in the picture. This will be the bottom of the snowman’s hat and will sit right on his head.

snowman with felt hat craft idea

The next step is to cut the top part of the hat as shown in the picture above. Make minor cuts in a line from one end to the other and it is done.

Now, take a yarn and tie it around the hat.

snowman with felt hat craft idea

Cut the extra length off and the felt hat for the snowman is ready!

Step 2: Make the face of the snowman

snowman with felt hat craft idea

This step is easy. Take a cotton ball in a size that can fit inside the felt hat and stick it to the hat. Paste two googly eyes and there you have your snowman!

Step 3: Sticking the snowman to a popsicle stick (optional)

snowman with felt hat craft idea

Take a popsicle stick and wrap it with washi tape. Now, stick the snowman to the popsicle stick.

This step is optional. You can do this or come up with other creative ways to display the snowman. Like hang it or stick them to any place you like with hot glue.

And your snowman with felt hat is ready!

Try this craft with kids and let us know how it went in the comments below.

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