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45+ Easy Christmas crafts for kids of all ages

Free Christmas crafts that kids can do

Christmas is around the corner again.

What are your plans for this Christmas, parents? Holidays are exciting times for kids. What they experience during these days is gonna last in their memories for a lifetime.

Doing crafts with kids during this Christmas season will turn the fun volume up and it’s also an excellent way for you to spend time with kids during the holidays.

Here we have come up with different Christmas craft ideas for kids from fellow bloggers and also you can find our own ideas in the mix.

You can find ideas for Santa Clause crafts, Christmas tree crafts, Christmas ornaments crafts, Gingerbread man crafts, and many other Christmas-themed crafts suitable for kids.

So, shall we dive in?

Santa Claus crafts for kids

This is an easy Santa Claus ornament craft for kids from our blog. If you are looking for a craft with simple materials, try this one.

This Santa Claus craft from Messy Little Monster is suitable for young as well as older kids. Using the free template and other simple materials, kids can put their creative skills to use by doing this.

Popsicle stick crafts are always popular for their versatility and ease of availability. It’s amazing how you can make tons of things using popsicle sticks.

Here is a popsicle stick Santa Claus craft that kids of any age can do. You can get the full tutorial at Hunny I’m Home.

Here is another pretty Santa and elf popsicle stick craft from Brooklyn Active Mama. She has created templates to do this craft, so kids don’t need to do it from scratch.

Next up is a Santa ornament craft from Messy Little Monster. Making the salt dough is fun and creating ornaments and hanging them on the Christmas tree will give kids a sense of accomplishment and joy.

If you are looking to make Christmas ornaments at home, do try this one.

Now, here is a cute and simple Origami Santa tutorial from Gathering Beauty. Don’t these Santas look adorable?

After making them, you can use these paper Santas to make garlands, as decoration, as place cards, etc. Quite useful too!

Christmas ornament crafts for kids

In this section, you can find easy Christmas ornaments ideas that kids can make.

This jingle bell ornament craft is from our blog. It includes a free template, coloring, and sticking glitter which kids will love. Do try it out!

If you want to try making salt dough Christmas decorations with kids, here is an easy idea from Taming Little Monsters.

These salt dough figures not only look cute but painting them afterward will also be fun. I am sure your kids will have a blast making them.

I like this square wreath ornament from Brooklyn Active Mama. It looks simple and beautiful.

With a little bit of help from parents, kids can do this craft and hang them on the Christmas tree or on a wall. I think this may not be suitable for young kids, but older kids can try this project.

If you are looking for an elf craft for kids, try this one from Dollar Crafter. Don’t these elf hat ornaments look adorable? It’s easy to make as well.

This ornament craft is suitable for preschoolers and above.

Who wants to make a cute Rudolph Christmas ornament this year? Head to Honey and Lime for the tutorial to make this popsicle stick Reindeer ornament.

Using only two ingredients, kids can make this cinnamon ornament all by themselves! Try this activity and start a family tradition of making cinnamon ornaments every year! Visit Crafts by Amanda for the full tutorial!

If you have paper straws at home, definitely try this quick Christmas tree ornament craft from Ruffles and Rainboots.

Here is an adorable cupcake liner ornament from The Activity Mom. It is suitable for kids of all ages. Do give it a try!

These hot glue icicle ornaments are super simple to make and will look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree!

I didn’t know that colored hot glue sticks were a thing. Did you know that? Well, in this tutorial Amanda will show you how you can make hot glue Christmas ornaments quickly. Do check it out at Crafts by Amanda.

If you are looking to make something super simple, here is an easy thumbprint Christmas ornament idea from The Moody Blonde. It’s easy and can be made with a few materials.

Have spare buttons at home? How about making these cute little button Christmas tree ornaments? For the full tutorial, visit Beginner Sewing Projects.

If you have minion lovers at home, do try this minion ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. With a few materials, you can easily do this craft with kids. Get the tutorial at Honey and Lime.

Learn how to make these colorful cinnamon ornaments from Kelly’s Classroom Online and have fun with your kiddos!

Do you want to teach sewing to kids? This woven ornament could be a great project to start with. You can create customized shapes on the plastic grids and then start sewing.

This yarn craft is suitable for older kids. For the full tutorial, visit Cupcakes and Cutlery.

Here is another sewing project for kids from Swoodson Says. This project involves doing embroidery and then turning those into Christmas ornaments. Do check it out!

Reindeer crafts

If you are looking to do reindeer crafts with kids, here are some ideas.

This simple cardboard tube Rudolph craft from Simple Everyday Mom is a fun and easy way to celebrate the holiday season. To do this craft, you need only common craft supplies, so it’s on the cheaper side too.

Here is an easy reindeer Christmas ornament with popsicle sticks from Crayons and Cravings. This Rudolph ornament craft is suitable for elementary-aged kids and also preschoolers can do this with assistance. Do try it out!

Here is another easy Reindeer ornament from Fluxing Well. It’s easy to make and cheap too!

How about making Rudolph, the reindeer using a wooden spoon? Head to Ann’s Entitled Life for the step-by-step tutorial.

Christmas tree craft ideas for kids

In this section, you can find Christmas tree craft ideas for preschoolers and above.

Don’t these popsicle stick Christmas trees look adorable? With some common supplies, your kids can have fun making these trees. Visit Hunny I’m Home for the full tutorial.

Handprint crafts are popular and it’s amusing how people bring up ideas to make different things using handprints. Here is a handprint Christmas tree craft idea from Mombrite.

There are so many crafts you can do with cupcake liners if you can be innovative. Here is a cupcake liner Christmas tree craft from Lil Tigers. Check the tutorial out for three cupcake liner Christmas crafts ideas.

This Christmas tree decoration craft from Aplus Teaching Resources is not only easy to make but also an opportunity to teach kids about 3D shapes.

Origami crafts are always popular and also a good starting point for kids to learn crafting. Here is an Origami Christmas tree idea from Origami Expressions.

This Christmas tree print craft is for toddlers. Hang these as ornaments or use them to make Christmas cards. For the full tutorial, visit The Salty Mamas.

More Christmas crafts

Paper plate Christmas wreath craft

Looking for an easy Christmas wreath craft idea? Try this paper plate Chrismas wreath craft from our blog.

Christmas greeting card idea for kids

I love these DIY greeting card ideas from Little Ladoo. Not only do they look cute, but they are also easy to make too. There are 4 different card ideas, so definitely check the post out!

Easy winter mitten craft

These colorful mittens look adorable! This is not exactly a Christmas-themed craft. But you can make it Christmas-sy using red and green colors. Get the templates and full tutorial at Lil Tigers.

Popsicle stick Christmas fireplace craft

Using a few supplies you can make this Christmas fireplace craft. Isn’t it interesting? Get the full tutorial at Taming Little Monsters.

Ugly Christmas sweater craft

Get your kids to be creative by decorating the ugly sweater with whatever materials they can find at home. It would be fun!

Get the free template for the sweater and the full tutorial at Mombrite.

Buddy the elf craft for kids

Here is a great Buddy the Elf craft idea for kids from Simple Everyday Mom. It comes with a free printable and therefore is easy to make.

Christmas countdown craft for kids

All mamas know the struggle to answer their kiddos’ innocent question of “How many days till …….?” for the millionth time.

Well, to end the struggle, we have a countdown calendar for Christmas from Coffee and Carpool. Ah! I am so relieved. I am tempted to make this for other holidays too. It’s so useful!

DIY play dough Snowman

How about making a playdough snowman from scratch? All kids love kneading and playing with dough. Here is the full tutorial from Tikkido.

DIY Christmas Board Game gift for kids

Here is an awesome Christmas gift idea for kids. Make this Christmas-themed Tic Tac Board game with kids and let them gift it to their friends and family. For the tutorial, visit Crayons and Cravings.

Gingerbread man craft idea

This photo gingerbread man craft from Simple Everyday Mom is ideal for preschoolers and above. It includes a free template and hence is super easy to do. Do check it out!

Easy Christmas rock painting idea

Rock painting is fun. Here are some Christmas-themed rock painting ideas for kids from Sustain My Craft Habit.

DIY Christmas family game idea

Here is a fun Christmas-themed DIY game idea from Sustain My Craft Habit. This is a bowling game using upcycled plastic water bottles.

The whole family can play this. So do give it a try and get your kids off the devices during the holidays.

Gingerbread man cork crafts for kids

This Christmas season, bring the festivity in the air by making these gingerbread man cork magnets with kids. For the tutorial, visit Ann’s Entitled Life.

Construction paper Christmas wreath

Here is a fun Christmas wreath craft idea for kids using construction paper from The Activity Mom. It will help kids keep busy and use it as decoration as well.

Christmas Sensory bottle idea

This Christmas sensory bottle from Hispana Global is very simple and easy to make so children can have fun for hours. Do try it!

Gingerbread house craft for kids

Here is a great idea to make a gingerbread house using recycled milk cartons. For the full tutorial, visit Kelly’s Classroom Online.

We hope you were able to find some great ideas for kids. Pin these ideas to your Pinterest Christmas board to revisit the ideas. We will also be updating the post with new ideas in the future.

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