St.Patrick's Day crafts

40+ St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids of all ages

St. Patrick’s Day is one exciting holiday as it is a day filled with lively parades, music, dancing, and the wearing of green attire.

Even if you are not Irish, you can get in on the fun of this holiday in various ways. And one of them is by doing the St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

In this post, you can find a collection of crafts in the typical St. Patrick’s Day colors – from green to orange and all the colors of the rainbow!

Kids will enjoy doing these crafts because it’s a fun and creative way for them to learn about Irish culture and traditions. As they explore and celebrate the holiday in a hands-on and interactive way, you can also have some quality family time with them.

This post has ideas for leprechaun crafts, leprechaun traps, shamrock crafts, rainbow crafts, pot of gold crafts, and St. Patrick’s Day printable activities. And also, you can find ideas for kids of all ages – be it preschoolers or elementary kids.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and try and save the ideas you love.

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Leprechaun crafts

Leprechauns serve as an enchanting symbol of the festive spirit associated with St. Patrick’s Day, representing the playful and mischievous side of Irish folklore. 

Let’s explore some cool leprechaun craft ideas to celebrate the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's day popsicle stick leprechaun craft

This is an easy popsicle stick leprechaun craft from our blog. Try this one if you are looking for an easy leprechaun craft for preschoolers or kindergarteners.

St. Patrick's day leprechaun hat craft

One of the popular craft ideas for St. Patrick’s Day is making leprechaun hats. Try this leprechaun suncatcher craft from our blog.

St. Patrick's day leprechaun hat craft

Here is another fun leprechaun hat activity from Creative Cynchronicity. You can do This simple and inexpensive craft with a dollar store clay pot and saucer. Fill it with treats and gift to someone!

St. Patrick's day popsicle stick leprechaun craft

Leprechaun traps are another fun idea to make for leprechaun-themed crafts. These traps are made in the hopes of capturing a leprechaun and finding the pot of gold that they are believed to guard.

This post from The Best Ideas for Kids, has not one but three creative leprechaun trap craft ideas. Check it out!

This leprechaun craft idea from Creatively Beth is so cool! This is an awesome DIY St. Patrick’s gift idea if you are looking for one.

Dress up a mason jar as a leprechaun, fill it with some treats (ideally with the typical St. Patrick’s colors), and gift it to a loved one.

Most kids love to play with paint, and this one is a must-try craft if your kids love it too. Check out this fork-painting Leprechaun craft from Mama of Minis.

This is a low-prep activity and you can do it with simple materials found around your house.

I have seen many leprechaun-themed craft ideas, but I am seeing a leprechaun house for the first time. Isn’t it cool?

The lovely green color makes it pop and these houses look so inviting for leprechauns to come and rest. What do you think?

For the tutorial, head to Our Kid Things, and you can also get a free printable template for the house to do it easier.

Here is another super cute leprechaun hat craft from Unique Gifter. The materials can be sourced from the dollar store and hence are affordable.

These clay pot leprechaun hats will make an ideal addition to the St. Patrick’s themed decor if you are hosting a party, or simply as a home decor or classroom decoration around the holiday.

Here is a cool paper Leprechaun toy idea from Red Ted Art.

You get the free template to do this craft – be it the Colour Your Own Leprechaun or the ready-coloured (that you can cut and assemble) Leprechaun.

This leprechaun gnome from Creative Cynchronocity looks super cute, right?

It is easy to make too. You can purchase the materials from a local dollar store and do this fun craft.

Next up is this adorable paper cup leprechaun craft idea from Fireflies and Mudpies.

This is easy to do with the basic supplies around the house and the free leprechaun template makes it much easier.

Here is another fun leprechaun trap craft idea!

This leprechaun trap from Two Kids and a Coupon is so pretty and filled with the leprechaun’s favorite things that you can be sure that they will ‘fall into the trap’ and you can put an end to their mischief 😀

Shamrock crafts

St. Patrick's day shamrock garland craft

Try this easy shamrock garland idea from our blog. It can be used to decorate your home or classroom around the holiday.

Here is a super cute shamrock leprechaun craft from Simple Everyday Mom. With the free template and some craft supplies, you can quickly do this craft.

If your kids love making DIY decors, try this shamrock wreath craft idea from The Soccer Mom Blog.

You can make this wreath with a dollar store puzzle, a recycled cardboard box, and simple craft supplies. Do give it a try!

How about making a man out of a shamrock leaf? Here is a creative shamrock craft idea from Our Kid Things for preschoolers.

Using the free Shamrock Man template, you can trace the shapes, cut them out, and assemble them.

Here is an easy and simple stained glass craft from Mommy Evolution. If you are looking for easy and quick crafts, definitely try this one!

Here is another super easy shamrock craft from Crafts by Amanda. You only need green construction paper, tissue paper, glue, and scissors to do this craft.

Here is a cute St. Patrick’s Day greeting idea from The Soccer Mom Blog. This photo card craft is an ideal gift from your kids to their loved ones with a personalized touch.

If you would like to try a St. Patrick’s Day-themed science experiment with kids, try this Borax Crystal craft idea from Life Over C’s. It’s fun and educational at the same time.

If your kids love rock painting, try this festive shamrock and gold nugget-painted rocks idea from Sustain My Craft Habit. These will be adorable as St. Patrick’s Day party decorations.

Here is a cool craft idea from Barley and Birch that gives kids an opportunity for kids to learn basic color theory and cutting the paper pieces help them to improve their fine motor skills.

Pot of Gold crafts

I love the pot of gold crafts. They are colorful and pretty to look at. Here we have compiled a list of a variety of pot of gold craft ideas from fellow crafters.

Your kids will love them. Do check them out.

This is a fun lacing activity from The Gingerbread House. Isn’t it beautiful?

Celebrate and learn at the same time with this St. Patrick’s Day name craft from Simple Everyday Mom.

After they cut and assemble the pieces, they get the chance to add their name below the pot of gold, which is like discovering their own treasure.

Learn how to make these beautiful dry clay gold coins from Barley and Birch. These are a good addition as a St. Patrick’s Day prop item. What do you think?

If you like paper crafts like me, do try this pot of gold paper craft from Thrive At Home Central.

Paper crafts are convenient and easy, and papers are almost always available at home. Try this easy and quick craft.

Here is another colorful pot of gold craft from Crafting A Fun Life. To do this craft, get some foam sheets, stickers, and colored papers, and then you are good to go.

Here is one more interesting pot of gold craft which is also a 3D rainbow craft. Head to In The Playroom for the tutorial.

Rainbow crafts

Like the pot of gold crafts, the colorful spectrum of a rainbow provides endless inspiration for art and craft projects, making them particularly engaging for kids.

Rainbow crafts are related to St. Patrick’s Day as the mischievous leprechauns are known to hide their pot of gold at the end of rainbows.

So, if you want some inspiration for rainbow crafts, check out the following:

Look at this beautiful rainbow craft from Little Ladoo!

It is beautiful and the colors are amazing. It’s a simple craft kids can do with a paper plate and colored paper.

Here is another easy paper craft from Mama Of Minis. This 3D rainbow craft is apt for not only St. Patrick’s Day but also as a decoration around the home or classroom.

Here is another Rainbow craft from Sustain My Craft Habit. You can make this craft using an old picture frame, a piece of cork, and some colorful paints.

This is an interesting rainbow craft that also doubles as a musical instrument: a rainbow tambourine.

Add in some gold coins and the vivid green color, you have the St. Patrick’s Day-themed tambourine ready! I love this idea from Red Ted Art. So creative!

This paper rainbow craft is an easy one from Fireflies and Mudpies. You need only the template, rainbow-colored papers, and glue to put this craft together.

Magazine collage crafts are always fun. It’s ideal for kids who are learning colors and even for older kids for the fun of searching through pictures to find the colors they need.

Check out the tutorial to do this collage rainbow craft from DIY Thought.

This is a rainbow wind spinner craft from Beth Ann Averill. All you need are a paper plate, colors, gold coins, string, and a hole punch.

St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pages

If you don’t have time to do the crafts but want to engage kids in a creative activity, activity pages are a great option.

I have included different kinds of activity pages that are free to download and use, check them out!

Gnomes are cute creatures, aren’t they?

Check out the cute gnome coloring page printables from Cobberson.

Color-by-number pages are suitable for young kids. Get 6 St. Patrick’s Day color-by-number pages from Artsy Pretty Colors for free.

If you want a variety of St. Patty activity sheets, check out the free printables from Crafts by Amanda. This free printable pack includes a word search, crossword puzzle, color-by-number sheet, and regular coloring page.

This free printable leprechaun letter from Fun Money Mom is a perfect companion to your St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun trap.

You can check out the different Leprechaun trap ideas listed above and use this letter the next day to let kids know that the leprechaun actually visited their home!

Placemat activities help keep kids engaged when you are busy. Check out this free printable St. Patrick’s Day placemat from Homeschool of 1, which is not only engaging but also educational.

Check out this free printable coloring page from Jinxy Kids, with all the typical St. Patty elements on it.

Check out the free printable connect the dots activity pages from Simply Full of Delight. You can download 4 sheets with different difficulty levels.

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